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A little bit about me.. xox

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A little bit about me.. xox

Postby littlemissprincess » 1 year ago

Hi everyone!

I go by Paris and I've always been a little, but just recently got to explore this side of myself. My boyfriend is my Daddy and is naturally very protective of me and cares and loves me how a Daddy should, and naturally the little tendencies I had were just magnified and here I am!

I don't age play but am extremely childish, love cartoons, candy, cake and cookies, baking, whining and my Daddy. <3

I would love to make some friends that are both Littles like me and Daddies so I have someone to talk to about this lifestyle and my wants/needs and just friends that I can be comfortable being my true self with. As for all you Daddies - I need lots of your guidance and advice on how to help my Daddy transition into this being more of a regular thing than a sometime thing and how to properly convey my needs to him! (Although I'm sure you experienced Littles can help me lots too! <3) And all you Littles out there, I just need your wonderful selves to be you! I'm naturally a bit of an introvert and shy and don't have any friends that are into the DD/lg lifestyle so come one, come all. I would love for all of you to be apart of my kittypack! (A wolfpack seemed too intense for me)

Lots of snuggles and eskimo kisses!



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