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o3o Soooo I wanted to show this to the littles. (Daddy Dom Application)

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o3o Soooo I wanted to show this to the littles. (Daddy Dom Application)

Postby PrincessSnowStuffie » 1 year ago

For all the littles looking for a daddy dom but don't want to type out or ask questions (or you want to know the basic stuff), lookie at what I found!
daddy dom application.jpg
It's a cute little pink application for subs looking for daddy!
daddy dom application.jpg (60.48 KiB) Viewed 266 times
Try posting it in when you're kinda not in the mood to type out questions! I honestly think it's cute.

Some of us littles are not sensual, so just tell the person you're speaking to upfront about it if you don't care much for #7. :) I personally don't care for 7 or 8. Just change 11 (due to this not being tumblr). I'm also a wannabe spoiled princess, so 15 would have to be a yes. Haha. XP

(Please do not answer these here, for those interested in me. Click here for a bit about me and click here for my profile. No this isn't a personal ad, I just rather not have people swarming in, answering questions and littles running in to search for a daddy dom. Please go to the "searching for caregiver" section of this website. Thank you!)

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