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Postby Mikachu » 1 year ago

I am a pretty happy go lucky woman and even happier little girl. I've know all my life I was probably too happy for my own good. Anyway .. for me being on the average of age 6-12 has never really changed I've just learned to repress and conform to social norms.

Had a few failed marriage due to my inability to wait for them to mature so I wouldn't have to take on all the responsiblities. Lol

I have children and they love me so completely.. my son who is 18 tends to talk to me and treat me little, he doesnt seem bothered, yet thinks mom is sweet and cute and very over protective.11 year old son and 6 year old daughter are my very best friends .. we play all the time. We do comic-con and pic nicks etc.
Me and the children and my mommie live together. If i had to guess I'd say I was raised by a brat. .giggle.. I once called myself a queen, she reminded my "no baby girl I am the queen you are a princess" I was not abused by my parents, quit the opposite.. I was daddy's girl til the day he died, and suffered with his lost.. mom and I cleave to one another now and offer a loving home for the kids.

I do have a daddy best friend of 10 years and dom for last 2months. He knows I'm not happy if i talk to him In my adult voice, or I've become analytical.
He is a great man and I am thoroughly in love with him as I know he understands for the most part how my mind works.

I have a full time job. And I do very well, in fact they think I'm the light of the office and tickled by my natural girlish features... I'm freckled faced.. I blush easy, wear pig tails, and have a love for bubble gum and lollies. I sleep with a body pillow I am very territory over it's my snuggie, and I have my own toys aside from my daughters..anyway.. if that wasn't the whole story..just ask

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