A little information about myself!

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A little information about myself!

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I suppose that it would be best to do an introduction of myself in a few ways and not be so mysterious if we're going to get to know each other.

You can refer to me as Star.

I'm 28 years old, from the United States, and I'm a little.

I've been a little since...well, since forever. I discovered the terminology more than a decade ago through web searches. I've kind of kept it to myself.

In my littlespace I enjoy things like coloring Hello Kitty coloring books with crayons, playing my Nintendo 3DS (Pokemon X and Animal Crossing), and drinking from a sippy cup (most of them are Hello Kitty). I have a few pacifiers that I typically use when I'm feeling really stressed out (I have some social anxiety issues at times). I also have three teddies, a bunny, and a super neat tiger kitty stuffie.

I have a wonderfully accepting Daddy. He watches cartoons with me sometimes and we play games together. (We actually run an adult littles / Ddlg guild on World of Warcraft. Let me know if you're interested!) Our relationship is not the typical Ddlg-type, actually, and we're pretty unique with how our dynamic functions.

I'm glad to be here and meet other littles. Daddy once searched the internet extensively for a place he felt was safe for me to play in with other littles but found few resources that suited our needs.

So, thank you for reading about me! I hope to get to know you well soon!

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Re: A little information about myself!

Postby mdlgcnfsd » 1 year ago


Welcome :!:

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Re: A little information about myself!

Postby Princess » 1 year ago

Hi Star. Welcome!

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Re: A little information about myself!

Postby Daddylittlekitty » 8 months ago

Hi star, nice to meet you :)
: :D Daddy's Little Princess :D

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