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Do you have an age range preference?

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Re: Do you have an age range preference?

Postby Butterflies_85 » 6 months ago

My Daddy is 13 years older than me..... if anything it just makes the relationship so much better because he is able to care for me so much more knowing more about the world than I might in some next week, he is going to make me a budget so I can feel like I am not drowning in debt etc.

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Re: Do you have an age range preference?

Postby Princess- » 6 months ago

I always wanted to date an older guy but my daddy is one month younger than me and I always forget that we're the same age and it has never bothered me. I never thought I'd date someone my age but it all depends on how the person makes you feel.

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Re: Do you have an age range preference?

Postby Kaliophilia » 5 months ago

I tend to be more interested in younger than me, but it's not something important. My current partner is almost 10 years older.

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