Daddy Dom new to this site...

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Daddy Dom new to this site...

Postby DocDaddy1962 » 10 months ago

Hello everyone... My name is Doc and I'm an experienced Daddy/Dom and I'm new to this forum. I currently live in Pennsylvania but I'm thinking about relocating to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I own my own modeling agency catering to models, actors, and actresses in the adult entertainment industry.

I'm here not only to make friends but you'll eventually find my little who complete my life. Someone that I can pamper, train, love, protect, and provide for...for the rest of my life. 8-)
Daddy in San Diego...
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Re: Daddy Dom new to this site...

Postby ChubbyKajira » 10 months ago

Hi, I'm new too, I just happen to be a cam model too, so it's cool that you're in the business as well

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