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My Daddy abandoned me and I'm dying

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My Daddy abandoned me and I'm dying

Postby badbaby » 1 year ago

I don't know what happened.

We had an argument, and then I thought we made up. He said he loved me and I said it back.

And now he has disappeared. It's been three days since I heard from him and I feel sick.

I met him here on Littlespace and since then, talking to him every day has anchored me and made me feel connected to something.

Now that he's gone, I'm just floating.

Littles - what do I do?
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Re: My Daddy abandoned me and I'm dying

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

If you spoke with this guy every day over a decent period of time then three days of no communication has been long enough to have concern that something has happened to him. That being said, have you exhausted all of your contact methods?

What I mean is, pop him one neutral message like:

"Hey, it's [Your First Name]. I haven't heard from you and I'm wondering if you're alright. I'm concerned. Get back to me ASAP, please."

to every means you can:
  • A voicemail (yes, call!)
  • A text
  • An e-mail
  • A private message here
  • A private message to his social media accounts (twitter, tumblr, facebook)
  • A message through chat programs (skype, kik, whatsapp)
Then let it wait. Don't continue sending messages. One clear message to each is fine.

It's possible that life has happened to him. Perhaps he's gotten very ill. Perhaps a close relative has gotten extremely ill and has taken his attention. Perhaps his phone has died and he hasn't figure out a good method of contact.

If it's not been very long of you two talking then it could be that you have taken things too far too quickly. Perhaps the argument shed light on this fact for him. Perhaps he is realizing he rushed into a relationship before he truly got to bond with you. Always get to know someone well before calling them yours.

Try not to focus too much on him right now. This is going to boil down to one of two things:
  1. He's incapable of contacting you.
  2. He's re-thought the relationship and has decided to break up via the ignore method.
There isn't more you can do. If he's incapable of contact then when he can contact you next he will have resolved the issue and you two will go on your merry way together. If he is choosing to break up with you by ignoring your presence then you're better off to know about this now so that you can find a Daddy that is actually good and deserving of your love, care, and devotion.

Hang in there. Try to turn your focus elsewhere. Pick back up a hobby (or find a new one), go out and see a movie, treat yourself to a new dress, hang out with old friends, become more active in the online community, etc. You will make it through this and find that it all happened for good reason.

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