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Hi littles

Postby LittlePrincessPigxi » 10 months ago

Well.. theres quite a bit about me, most that i wouldn't tell strangers so i will start off with,
Hi my name is amanda or panda, my favorite animal is a pig, my favorite colors are yellow, black and all pastel colors.

My bday is January 15th 1998, i love being a little but i dont much look like onedo to not really being able to afford little things but that doesn't stop the princess inside of me.

The bad parts are, I have very bad social anxiety so its hard to leave my house. I am homeschooled and have no friends, i get major anxiety attacks if i leave the house meaning school/jobs and ect, but i do go camping and visit with my grandma and i love going shooting with my family.
I just really hope my future daddy will understand those things about me and not run away like the rest, i can't help what is eating me but i do know i am VERY good to people evenif most aren't to me. I love trying to make people happy and i love meeting people.

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