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~The Checklist For CGL~

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~The Checklist For CGL~

Postby PrincessSnowStuffie » 1 year ago

Hi hi!

Your one princess heeeere!

So, I was thinking, after having a discussion about goals withing the CGL relationship, I made this post to ask you guys, what is it you want to do when you find/if you've already found your little/caregiver/kitten?

Sure, you want to snuggle them and show them love and affection, but what else?

Let me know in detail!

I want to know about you! :3


I want to travel with my daddy. See the world and take pictures on my camera. I want to go places that normal people wouldn't be able to go. I want to walk on the beach and play in the ocean while looking around for crabs and shells!

Enough about me though, what do YOU wanna do?

Leave your answer in the comments!


~The Checklist For CGL~

Postby DiaperHoudini1 » 1 year ago

I was thinking in the case of the ABDL excetra relationship should be treated like any other relationship the fact that we share a common bond should provide trust and respect off the bat. it doesn't really make too much of a difference with the classification of the relationship kitten little mommy daddy baby or just your average dating couple. now to be specificI believe creating situations / dates should mostly consist of a scenario that involves long discussions at first things like going to visit a place that's far away so that you can talk in the car ride no half truths should be said intentions must be up front and on the table dislikes and desires as well the activities should force a additional common bond doing things that involve the both of you at one taskthat's all I got I hope that helps.

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