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Tasks and Activities for Daddy's Princess

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Tasks and Activities for Daddy's Princess

Postby jackbnimble85 » 1 year ago

I have a little and I love and care for her very much. Lately since school started back up she's been busy as have I with my career and we haven't really had many days in the week when we get "Daddy time" so my little made a request that I task her with one BIG task/activity and one little task/activity a day to be placed on the RULES and punished if not completed.

I'm great at finding ways to make her do BIG things to help her improve and let me learn what areas she needs guidance in and I can be great at finding fun things to do during Daddy time but I am coming up short on little tasks/activities she can do on her own.

Any fun ideas from littles and other Daddies?

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