New Little to DDLG!

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New Little to DDLG!

Postby SweetLittleMelodee » 1 year ago


I'm SweetLittleMelodee or Dee. My Daddy and I are new to the DDLG lifestyle.
We are hoping to use new friends and to learn more about this dynamic and lifestyle.
Hope to hear from some new friends soon. :)

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Re: New Little to DDLG!

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Hi there! I'm glad you've come around to hang out with us :) You should have your Daddy join us too! Maybe he can learn something or help others who have questions. You never know :) He might also be able to make Caregiver friends (other Daddies? Mommies? Somethingsomethings)

I hope we become super good friends :) you seem sweet

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