A georgia connection.

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A georgia connection.

Postby VishiousTruth » 10 months ago

Hello everyone. I'm a 32 year old daddy from northern Georgia. I have recently come to the DDLG community as I have learned that it is truly what I have been searching for. The caring, healing, teaching, and guidance, that is expressed are what I have been yearning for.

I am looking for some like minded people in the area so I can get a better understanding of the culture and relationship dynamics. Who might be Willing to help guide me along the path as I learn and grow into an experienced caring and attentive daddy to a little's needs.

The more local these new friends are will allow for better communication and learning. Swell as helping to build a stronger bond of friendship. However I am willing to travel outside my immediate area as I am eager to learn and grow.

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