Baby Bear Introduction

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Baby Bear Greeting

Postby TravisSnuggleBear » 10 months ago

Heyo everyone! I saw this site on an ad and I though, "That's fudging awesome!!". I'm a little boy who loves to super mega snuggle all the time and I am a cookie monster, if you have cookies in the same room as me they will be gone...

I'm here to hopefully meet some really nice people and make more friends who have similar interests as I do, you're all super wonderful by the way!

I'm taken by the absolute best and most prettiest, cuddliest, warmest, most loving mommy ever in the whole universe and I'm so lucky. Unfortunately we are an LDR and rarely get to see eachother ,_,

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, don't be scared! I'm not a big scary grizzly bear

(yet) >:3

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Re: Baby Bear Introduction

Postby http_kitten » 10 months ago

Hai ! dont turn into a scary grizzly bear... I might get scared. :C but Id like to be your friend if thats alright :)

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