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Daddy Dom didn't take my birthday off of work and everything is going wrong!

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Daddy Dom didn't take my birthday off of work and everything is going wrong!

Postby Little_missluna » 1 year ago

So my birthday is coming up on the 7th, and I had asked my daddy if he could take the day off and spend it with me since he didn't get to spend last year with me because he had to work. It's been about a year that he's had this job and he just found out about his vacation time, and when I first asked him he said he was going to take his vacation and spend the whole week with me and do something different every day that week since I have to compete with the super bowl on my birthday. He never asked his boss for the time off, he got my hopes up to only left me down two weeks ahead and told me we can celebrate it on the 26th (tomorrow) cause that's when he's off. So I agree trying to hide the fact that he lied to me and won't be able to spend my birthday with me. I thought talking to my mom about it would help, until my dad came in screamed at me and told me that celebrating my birthday is a burden. I apologize and go in my room and shred my arm up because I really shouldn't have been born in the first place. Then I get the texts from my mom playing the victim like she was the one who was hurt "You know your dad never took my birthday off." "I always have to make my own cake." blah blah blah you know the usual stuff to make me feel like an even bigger piece of snailpoop than I already am because I can never truly be happy. Then my dad comes up with this fake booty apology that my mom forced him to say. So I'm stuck here feeling like I could jump off the roof, all because I just wanted to have a good birthday, but I'm selfish I never put anyone's feelings before mine. So this year and every other year after I will not celebrate my birthday but always be reminded how much of a selfish burden I am on my entire family and daddy.

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Re: My birthday

Postby Cutie » 11 months ago

I think it's unhealthy to think of an adult realizing that their inevitable adult duties getting in the way of something planned ahead (especially in a generous timeframe of ~2wks) is equivalent to them "lying."

I understand getting your hopes up, I do it A LOT and I cry a lot when it happens, but we also gotta understand that adults have important responsibilities and if they COULD have it their way without consequences, they would..

My birthday is today and I'm not doing anything special until the day after. I think what's important is: how you celebrate and who you celebrate with. That's what makes it special! Not that it HAS to be on your birthday.. I mean within a week or two is still a nice time to celebrate ^.^

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