I'm new to this!!

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I'm new to this!!

Postby Princess-Aliyah » 10 months ago

Hello everyone! I'm Aliyah and I'm a brand new little. I currently don't have a daddy :( but I know aaaaaaall the rules to take care of myself until the perfect daddy pops out at me!! I'm 19 and I love to sing, dance, bake, search the internet, watch Disney, and do pretty things (my hair, my nails, makeup, face masks)! My parents are pastors so I'm trying my best to hide little me right now :( I hate it but I love my parents so I don't wanna scare them off. I listen to lots of 1D, JB, and 5SOS. I'll probably make my future daddy upset with all the naughty things I think of them. Oopsies!! I love pizza, ice cream, fruit loops, and everything sugary and yummy! I want to live this lifestyle for many years and I just wanna be the best princess ever!

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