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Postby Princess-Aliyah » 10 months ago

I'm around people who aren't okay with this lifestyle. I NEED people who will understand my little side, in my life. I'm scared of what could go wrong otherwise. Basically, I love One Direction, 5SOS, Justin Bieber, watching youtubers (Shane Dawson, Matthew Lush, loads of bakers, etc.). I love music and I love God. I love food. I love animals especially doggies. I love pretty stuff like makeup and nail polish, and face masks, and pretty clothes and shoes and lots of perfumes and lotions. When I have a daddy, I'd love to have a playmate so that us littles can color and play with our toys while daddies are doing grown up things.


Re: Heyyyoooo!

Postby DaddyatKittygables » 10 months ago

your safe here sweetheart

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