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DDlg without being a spoiled princess?

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DDlg without being a spoiled princess?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Does anyone dislike the idea of being a princess but are very much into DDlg things?

Sometimes I feel a bit strange because I see everyone referring to littles (especially female littles) as princesses and I have no desire to be called that whatsoever.

When my Daddy and I were first getting into our DDlg dynamic he asked if there was a special petname, like princess, that I enjoyed. I told him that I really preferred him not refer to me as a princess in any way because I don't like the idea of being spoiled, bratty, and feeling entitled. "Princess" to me sounds like that so I've shied away from it entirely. Daddy found a different pet name to call me though that was much more suitable for us.

And by spoiled I mean--given gifts or taken excessive amounts of time/attention despite the Caregiver having other obligations. Like, I enjoy being "spoiled" by Daddy giving me extra kisses or something, but if he were to buy everything for me that I wanted then I'd feel really uncomfortable and strange. It would just devalue gifts, in my eyes, so then I'd feel entitled to always receive everything I wanted. Hmm...

Almost just thinking out loud here now.

Does anyone else want to be babied and loved and treated little by their Daddy, Mommy, or Caregiver but they don't want to spoiled in the traditional gifts/goodies/money/full-attention sense?

Sometimes I think I'm the strangest little of them all...

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Re: DDlg without being a spoiled princess?

Postby VishiousTruth » 1 year ago

I hope there are more little's like you.

Unfortunately not all daddy's or mommy's can afford to keep a little constantly with new gifts. And even some who can it can come to feel as if you are buying their love.

If I could bring myself to pay for it. It's easy enough to find a street corner

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Re: DDlg without being a spoiled princess?

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

You can be what ever you want :) That't the nice thing with DD/LG is its specific to the couple. I love being called princess and being spoiled but that is how he has always treated me so I don't know anything different. Presents don't have to be expensive either though I love my corvette he bought me, I get just as excited when he brings me a handful of candy or a kiss on the forehead.

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Re: DDlg without being a spoiled princess?

Postby PrincessBekah » 1 year ago

I think its okay to be whatever kind of little you want to be. I saw a blog post once where a little decorated her room in superheroes like Batman, and had no pink or Princessy stuff anywhere.

My Daddy spoils me but not with many expensive gifts because we are saving to buy a house, so I got a piggy bank (a Rainbow Dash one!!!! :D :D :D ) and for Valentine's Day I got heart stickers and a few pieces of candy. But I get ALL the hugs and kisses I could ever want and I know that we are working towards a good future. I couldn't go without presents entirely but they are rarely big fancy gifts.

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