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Help!! Littlespace on Skype for LDR??

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Help!! Littlespace on Skype for LDR??

Postby littlesboo » 1 year ago

Me and my daddy are in a long distance relationship and its hard for us both specially cause of the time difference he lives in canada and i live in iceland, i wanna give him a very good idea of what it will be like when we meet and let him skype when im in littlespace, although littlespace doesnt happen a lot for me since i live with my family and dont get a lot of privacy, any suggestions??? <3

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Re: Help!! Littlespace on Skype for LDR??

Postby VishiousTruth » 1 year ago

Rather that a standard face to face Skype chat. You may consider making a vid of yourself while in little space. Since it is not something you can easily schedule for yourself. This will still let him be able to watch how you are while little.

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