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Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

Hey everyone,

I am new here and would love some ideas for meals and snacks. I see a lot of mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, apple juice, but there has to be more! What kind of things do you like or what kind of things do you make for your little? I eat terribly and he gets mad at me for it, I never want to eat at work because I have a high stress job and am off saving the world (not really but some days I feel like it, this is how I found I was a little)
I do almost all of the cooking at home, I love making him nice dinners and making him happy. But most of the time I make him what he wants rather than what I want. Needs some help!

I really love
Goldfish crackers (plain cheddar only)
Chocolate Milk
Ice Cream
Candy like Wine Gums, fuzzy peaches, Swedish berries
CHEESE!! with crackers and slices of salami
Grilled cheese sandwiches with ketchup
Chicken fingers
Chicken wings
Taco salad
Root Beer, coke, ginger ale
Peanut butter


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