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What is a Big and what is a little?

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What is a Big and what is a little?

Postby Healory » 1 year ago

Guild chat discussion lately has involved a lot of this very question:

"Are you a Big or a little?"

It's an excellent question since we don't require anyone to set anything specific in their guild note. Even if we did require members to identify themselves sometimes that's difficult. *We do have littles who like to play as a Big occasionally too!*

A lot of time the question above is being answered with another question:

"What do you mean?"

So, what do we mean? Ageplay and the general Big/little lifestyles have changed over the past decade. For example, when I identified first as a little, a little over a decade ago now, there was no such term as "Ddlg" being used that I ever ran across. Instead, we generally stated Daddy/daughter play or used the generalized ageplay term.

This being said, many folks in the scene may use different terms--and that's okay! For convenience in the guild, we'll identify what we mean by Big and little now though so we can be on the same page. We'll use generalization for ease of understanding:


What is a Big?:

A Big is typically in more of a older, caregiver role. Bigs are usually Daddies, Mommies, Uncles, or Aunties, Older or Big Brothers, Older or Big Sisters, etc. Bigs are usually more dominant but not always.

What is a little?:

A little is typically in the younger role. Littles are usually babygirls or babyboys, little girls or little boys, middles, or teens. These could be daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, little or younger sisters, little or younger brothers, etc. Littles are usually more submissive but not always.

We're all unrelated adults though!

Many people already in a Big/little relationship of some sort aren't seeking more relationships; however, these are not strictly monogamous relationships. A little could very well have both a Daddy and a Mommy, brothers or sisters, and even cousins in some cases. Just like any other type of relationship, people have their own needs and desires and mold their relationship(s) to meet those things.

Some Big/little relationships are nonsexual. The little would like to be in what is called littlespace (with their toys and cartoons, for example) and just enjoy the time they have in that type of freedom while being watched over by someone safe.

Some Big/little relationships are sensual. The little would like to also interact with their Big in a sensual manner while also engaging in littlespace activities (like watching cartoons and playing with toys). This is pretty self-explanatory in a way, but, as with anything else, everyone's needs and desires are different so there are variations of what sensual manner may mean.


If someone in the guild doesn't understand the Big/little term...'s okay to whisper them and provide a quick explanation. In my experience a quick whisper stating: "Big = Daddies/Mommies/Uncles/etc and little = babies, little girls and boys, teens, daughters/sons, etc" informs the person enough for a good understanding to be able to answer the question.

Remember, folks use different terms sometimes. Big/little to them may only mean Daddy/daughter, Caregiver/little, or something you haven't thought about to use!

I have used many generalized terms in this explanation for ease of general understanding. If anything has been worded in offensive fashion please let me know so that I can make appropriate corrections.

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