How to State Your Age in Posts

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How to State Your Age in Posts

Postby admin » 10 months ago

We truly enjoy our members here, and the great variety of people who pass through each day, but we're facing an issue that needs to be addressed and corrected. The way we phrase personal information in our community is very important because it can easily encourage misunderstandings about what we're interested in and who we are as both individuals and a community. Our site is generally public and can be viewed by any one who chooses to visit our community here. It is very important you are mindful of the way you word some key information when posting on the forum.

When posting your age on the forum, please refer to yourself as your biological age in statements such as: (examples ahead)

  • Hi, I'm _21_ and a little...
  • I'm _35_ years old and...
  • I'm really _40_ years old...

If you'd like to refer to your play age or little age on the forum then please specify that in the information you are posting in ways such as: (examples ahead)

  • My littlespace age is _4_ and...
  • I like to play as _6_ years...
  • ...but I like to think of myself as a _1_ year old when I play.

Here are some examples that are not okay to post on the forum: (examples ahead)

  • X Hi, I'm _4_ and I like...
  • X I'm _6_ years old and...
  • X I'm a _1_ year old...
    Remember: our site requires you to be biologically 18 years old or older. If you are posting your little age in these types of statements we may possibly misunderstand that you're not referring to your biological age and accidentally ban you.

In general, if you're going to be posting about your age on the forum then you might post something like this: (examples ahead)

  • Hi, I'm _21_ years old and a little, with a little age of about _4_, and...
  • I'm _35_ years old but play as age _6_ while in littlespace.
  • I play as a _1_ year old while in littlespace, but in my regular life I am _40_ years old.

By posting that you're your play age, and not referring to your biological age, it may seem to some outsiders that an actual, physical child is posting on our site. When that person then posts a personals ad it makes the situation appear as though our site is encouraging illegal and immoral activities such as child involvement. This leads to some very big misunderstandings and creates negative stereotypes for our community.

From this point going forward if we find that you have posted your little age without specifying that it is not your biological age then we will remove the post entirely. We will not be editing out the mis-wording or clarifying your information. We will simply delete the post, and may send you a warning through your account.

Please think about what you are posting and how it affects the community and who might be reading it.

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