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Tired of being used

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Tired of being used

Postby Ageless » 1 year ago

I was seeing this guy and I thought maybe he could be my Daddy. We decided not to label what we had together and it's become clear to me that he's just using me for relations. I brought up him being Daddy to me when I visit him and he told me again that it's not okay and that he doesn't want to get involved with my personal life or things that aren't relations related. I'm just hurt and a little lost at this point because I liked him and I made special trips to see him and then he makes it sound like I am pushing for too much for a little nonsexual affection.
This isn't my only relationship that was just relations and me being used. I had one once where I thought I was dating the guy and I even told people he was my boyfriend. Then one day he asked me why I kept trying to talk to him about my problems and he was like that was for a boyfriend and that we were just lovers. That's not love. It hurt so bad because I thought he was there for me too and now this guy is kind of doing the same thing.
I know the "lets not label us" is a cop out to not commit. I just thought he was interested in ME too and maybe would meet me in the middle some where to at least care about me when we aren't doing relations things. I have no body close to me and I feel like I'm so alone but I keep giving my self to this man who doesn't care what happens to me after I leave his place. Why can't I find a kink guy that wants to be a Daddy and care about me and my life and not just relations?
I'm tired of being used and thrown aside. Do good men actually exist?

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Re: Tired of being used

Postby VishiousTruth » 1 year ago

Yes good men do exist. The problem comes down to personality. Those of us who are into certain kinks will have a tendency to be much more self centered and selfish.

This is not always the case. But finding a good dom, or just the right one for you. Should take time. A real caring daddy should prioritize your needs. And not just sensual ones.

IMHO at least

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Re: Tired of being used

Postby sweetiepie » 1 year ago

I have found this too. It is hard to find a perfect fit, many men I have talked to seem to want to abuse my little good nature and need for acceptance. I am very obedient and I find that I trust too easily, many times the men I talk to want me to be strictly sensual. I am still struggling...good luck to you!

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