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Officer Announcement

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Officer Announcement

Postby Healory » 1 year ago

The Guild Master completed officer interviews this week and decided which candidates would become our officers at this time. If you weren't selected this time around please no hard feelings. You're welcome to give it another shot next go-around! Everyone who entered had wonderful answers and the Guild Master was quite impressed!

Officers will be promoted this weekend after speaking briefly with the Guild Master.


New Officers:
  • Kittyvoodoo (guild alts: avhan, vìrus)
  • Kórra (guild alts: darkevillady, kátara, kuvirá, lúna, tótems)
  • Mbgssqueaker (guild alts: mgsprincess)
  • Pamonna (guild alts: koalasue, venutia)
  • Jordør (guild alts: gløck, zuesless)


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