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What's my age?

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What's my age?

Postby Pusheen » 1 year ago

I see a lot of people asking me what my age is and I really don't know how to answer. :( Are there any resources? How did you figure out yours?

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Re: What's my age?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

There is no real, true answer to give you that will provide the exacts you might be looking to get. Generally, you start Googling the age-ranges of things you are interested in are actually targeted toward.

Into diapers? Okay, maybe you're not yet potty trained or are still being potty trained. Perhaps you are a baby or toddler. 1-2-3 years of age. Maybe 4-5-6 if you're having accidents and only need diapers sometimes.

Into specific shows? Google search the age-range the show is targeted toward. Seriously. It sounds silly but it gives you a good idea.

What age sounds the best to you? There you go. That alone may give you an idea of where you are because, let's be honest here, a lot of things are very subjective. What I mean is that your questions are the exact same as saying:

I want to roleplay as a dinosaur. A t-rex, to be exact. How would I do that? How would I dress, act, and like?


Dress like a dinosaur. Don't know what one looked like then simply Google "t-rex appearance" or such.

Speak, talk, or vocalize like a dinosaur. Don't know what one sounded like then simply Google "t-rex noise" or such.

Surround yourself with dinosaur surroundings to get into the right dinosaur moon. Don't know what surrounded a t-rex then simply Google "t-rex habitat" or such.

I would suggest that if you are specifically looking to roleplay as a 10 year old, for example, then use your friend Google for authenticity. Google things like:

Gifts for a 10 year old

10 year old's bedroom

Shows for a 10 year old

Games for a 10 year old

Toys for a 10 year old

Activities for a 10 year old

Outfits for a 10 year old

Styles for 10 year old girls

Language of a 10 year old (yes, it even brings up good results!)

I think that should help you more than asking us here because you're going to get a lot more educational, specific information versus opinions. I know there are going to be some wonderfully terrific suggestions here but, really, a lot of us didn't specifically choose an exact age and most of us seem to fluctuate a bit. Many of our answers here will be guesses or 'stabs in the dark', if you will.

For many here, being a little is more of our actual, internal mindset verses making a choice and roleplaying a specific, chosen age. When we finally get to express our internal mindset ("littlespace") then it's equivalent to us actually getting to act out our true feelings, thoughts, interests, likes, etc versus us just taking on a role temporarily for kicks.

Most of us didn't wake up one day and think, "Wow, it'd be cool to pretend to be a 10 year old!" Many of us have been hiding these thoughts, feelings, and interests for years--afraid to show what we really like because we know it isn't socially acceptable for an adult to be interested in things like (fill in the blank). When we finally sat down and tried to figure out what we liked it all kind of pointed toward that age.

Good luck!

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