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Daddy Dom is upset...

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Daddy Dom is upset...

Postby Zer0isDaddy » 1 year ago

:( I came over to my Daddy's house last night, and we had relations three times. During the first two rounds, I had a combined total of 7 panic attacks(daddy lasts a LONG time), and he thought it was because of him. He is new to the world of DDlg, and I'm looking for some thing I could do to make him feel confident when he is with me. And suggestions??

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Re: Daddy is upset...

Postby VishiousTruth » 1 year ago

1. Talk to him. This can be while in little space or not. Try to help him understand your triggers for the panic attacks. Understanding can help him be both more confident in his actions and more attentive.

2. Cuddles. I don't know if you're relationship involves nonsexual moments. But simple loving contact can do wonders for bringing you close to each other.

3. Pda. Again not knowing specifics about the relationship. But showing your daddy that you love him even when others are around. Or trusting and being little in public. Can show your daddy how much of your heart. He has. how important his role is in your life. And that you embrace the relationship and him in your life in general. And not as just a dirty little secret for behind closed doors

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