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Postby DiaperHoudini1 » 1 year ago

Hello my friends and fellow supporters.

I have recently tryed to where a diaper and it went better than expected. Since I have started babying myself my mood has lifted I have become less angry and more polite I instantly transform into a helpful and pleasant little boy.I have found some true happiness in age regression and I love it. I cryed tears of joy the very moment the tabs locked me in my innocence . I squirmed in ecstasy as the soft baby powder rushed from one end of the diaper reservoir to the other. I took the deepest breath of the j&j lotion on my skin. My dog sensed it so well she started to wiggle on her back aka the happy dance... Then I said a small prayer and felt reborn . I little voice in my head said you won't go to hell for wearing diapers you'll just mess yourself like you been there. Lol. Thanks for reading may all of you be forver embraced by your youthfulness and vice a versa

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