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LDR DDlg again (from in person to long distance again)

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LDR DDlg again (from in person to long distance again)

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Hi, guys and gals!

My Daddy and I have been together for about a year or so. At first we started a vanilla long distance relationship. Things evolved to him becoming my Daddy Dom and I was his little girl (or, rather, Daddy's "angel" as he often calls me). Things were good but they were even better when I came to visit him in person.

I stayed with Daddy in person much longer than a visit though. He asked me to stay with him and I basically moved in with my things. Life was good and things were falling into place.

The thing is...I didn't have a job since I had relocated. I searched for months for work. I finally snagged something--only to be let go 3-4 months into it.

So, I'm back into that jobless area again where I'm looking for work. There aren't a lot of local jobs here so I've also been looking for online work at home opportunities. I've found a few but I guess I bomb the interviews or I just don't have enough experience for the specific thing they're looking for in an employee.

The apartment complex people have contacted Daddy about my car being parked here in the parking lot for such a long while. It has come down to the fact that I need to be put onto the lease. Okay, okay...

...except that ups the rent by quite a bit and Daddy can't afford that right now. So, it's up to me to put in my part of the rent. I don't have a job though, and, even though I'm looking, I don't want to commit to paying rent and end up falling through and making a big mess for Daddy to have to sort out and clean up.

I have decided that if I don't find work within 2 weeks then I'm going to have to leave. I've called my parents and asked if I can come stay with them until I get my finances back in order. It's not something I want to do, but I feel like this would be something that needs to happen so that I can actually have a life. My parents are all green lights over it and say I'm welcome to come home to them whenever I need.

I have great anxiety about being long distance again with Daddy. LDR was a hard dynamic to maintain. We did text a lot and, eventually, got on Skype to talk frequently, but now that I've been with Daddy in person I feel kind of scared to let go of that. I am very much afraid that Daddy will get fed up by the distance and leave me or that he will forget what we have in person and will move on to someone local. I wouldn't blame him, but it would break my heart to lose him over something like this.

I can't help it though. 2 weeks is my limit and if I haven't found a job by then I'm going to have to leave.

Are there any LDR DDlg tips anyone has? Has anyone had to do this--become long distance with their Daddy Dom after being in person for awhile? How can I deal with this?

I've had a couple of meltdowns already where I've cried and weeped and sobbed and been a whole big mess over it. I'm scared. I'm really in love and it''s just scary.

Ideas? Tips? Suggestions? Thoughts? Anything, please...

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