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Postby SunniBunni » 1 year ago

Hi everyone my name is SunniBunni. I am 38 years old on paper. I have been a little forever and have only recently discovered what it was actually called.

I don't do pacies and pampers - mainly because I have 2 kids of my own and frankly I just can't for me. I DO think it is cute on other littles, just not myself.

I like reading, coloring, stickers, playdoh, legos, little in size toys (I don't put them in my mouth so it's safe for me).
I am also very interested in Pet play.

I found my way here from FetLife - which is a scary place for me. TO Dark.

I have a Mister who I am in Love with and have actually recently told him. I have started to call him Da (when I say it I sound like Princess Merida from Brave *giggle*)

Ummmmm I can be shy around new people and awkward. I am also a bit geeky & watch to much tv.

My Mister lives far away (10hr drive ) but we try and talk everyday. I only have 1 friend who is also a Little and I Lobes her too....ok that's all I can think of for now

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Re: SUP?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

Hi! Your name is super duper cute. I like it a lot. Sunnibunni just sounds so cute a little and adorably adorable.

I'm glad you're able to indulge a bit in your little size while still being a good parent. I know lots of people struggle to find time for littlespace when they're running around chasing after children.

Hopefully you make lots of other little friends here too!

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