hi hi hi~~!

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hi hi hi~~!

Postby PrincessBunnyDoll » 10 months ago

so I'm super duper nervous about all of this because I haven't done any of this stuff ever before but I really really really reaaally wanna!

so I'm gonna try my best! I cant wait to make lots and lots of new playmates and friends to talk to and I saw that you can even download coloring pages from here! that's so so so cool!

I'm sorry for all the "!!!!" but I'm so excited hehe.

anyway, this site thingy said i was supposed to do this little thing introduction or whatever so here!

wait wait I think introductions are supposed to use names too.
I'm Bunny and I love to color and eat yummies and play pretend with my stuffies~

I can't wait to meet you guys. ❀ ✿ ❁
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Re: hi hi hi~~!

Postby Masterkai » 10 months ago

Hi bunny I'm new here as well! We should talk some

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