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How to come out as a little to family?

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How to come out as a little to family?

Postby littlekota24 » 1 year ago

How exactly do you suggest coming out?

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Re: How to come out as a little to family?

Postby BabyPink » 1 year ago

do they rly need to kno tho??
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Re: How to come out as a little to family?

Postby Truffle » 1 year ago

If you check out the biglittlepodcast, they have an episode about coming out. Forgot which one it was.
But when it comes to family, you do question if they really need to know. You could explain to them the basics and then keep that part of your life to yourself (and any partner(s)) otherwise. It highly depends on you and your relationship with your family.

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Re: How to come out as a little to family?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

I'm in agreeance with the other commenters in that you should really evaluate if your friends/family actually need to know about your little-ness. I can understand both sides though.

On one end, if you tell them that you're a little and they are accepting of it then you're more free to express yourself. You have less worry about hiding things like sippy cups or pacifiers. You may also be able to come to them for more specific advice that may pertain to you being little.

On the other end, if you don't tell them then you can keep it a special secret for only a very select few individuals (like partners) to share with you. Your private life remains private and you don't have to worry about any one talking about it behind your back or judging you. You also don't have to answer questions they may have about being a little if you were to have told them and brought it to their attention.

I, personally, wish I was able to tell my family members because, I think, they would have be a better idea of my emotional state at times. They would also have a little more information about my interests. It feels daunting to tell someone though because there is so much that goes in to it.

Nonetheless, the site here has a pretty decent article outlining how to prepare and what to prepare with if you're going to come out of the toy box. I'll link it below in case you haven't see it yet, because I think it encompasses some really important points:

It pretty much covers anything I would have said. Be prepared. Be prepared for a lot of questions. Be prepared with specific information. Be prepared for good and bad responses. Be prepared for the best and the worst. Be prepared for them to be very quiet, but also be prepared for them to jump up and want to discuss it immediately.

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