Teehee, Uhmm, Hiiii >////<

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Teehee, Uhmm, Hiiii >////<

Postby StampingStellaphant » 10 months ago

Hello! My name is Stella. I'm new around here. Looking to meet friends and other little's/Bigs/middles/babies. I, myself am a babygirl. I have known about my little side for a very long time. It didn't take much for me to figure out I was different from other peers my age growing up. I was always behind and immature... I continued to do childish things long past when others would have stopped, and am still doing them till this day. My little self is toddler aged I'd say. Anywhere from 1-3 range...sometimes even 2-5 on other days when I feel a little more big girlish. I love buying myself baby toys. Rattles, stuffies, blocks, rings...toys that sing and light up. I love sippies and bottles...either work for me. I like wearing diapers...but I don't use them at this present time. Anyway, so yeah, that's just a little bit about me.... Hehe!

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Re: Teehee, Uhmm, Hiiii >////<

Postby Nysali » 10 months ago

Welcome Stella! :D

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