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New Babygirl Here!

Postby chibi-lune » 10 months ago

Hi! I'm new to the site, not so new to the scene. About just over a year ago, I discovered my little side. I always sought out older partners, but I didn't know how much I loved calling them "daddy" or "mama"!

It's nice for me, to be able to fetishize, romanticize, and aestheticize my girlish, crybaby nature. Though I love power dynamics in sensual play, I look more for someone to lean on than someone to enforce rules. I'm not much of a brat, because I'd rather be coddled and validated than put in my place, ya know?

While I do have a mama figure already, we're not explicitly sensually or romantically involved right now. I had a boyfriend who was my daddy, but we recently ended things. Please be extra tender with me! I'm processing how to be a little on my own.

My favourite little space activities are watching cartoons and anime (particularly Sailor Moon), colouring, using a soother, and wearing bows. The younger I regress, the less sensually inclined I am. relations tends to happen closer to middle space. I guess the term"babygirl" suits me best ... what do you femme littles call yourselves? I'm more than interested to know.

Nice to greet you all. <3

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Re: New Babygirl Here!

Postby Nysali » 9 months ago

Welcome Chibi! I am in a tender place as well, also being just out of a relationship. Hope your healing process is going well. <3 I kind of flex between a little and a middle and prefer to (at this point) call myself a little. It feels the most comfortable for me.

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