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Postby verynewsub_1 » 1 year ago

Hello Everyone ;)

Ummm, Really don't know what to say, trying to learn this great site and hoping for a pleasant experience here! I am new to the formal ins and outs, but have been a submissive little since birth! I am looking forward to discovering myself and having fun while I do so ...
I am a nerdy little and looking forward to getting my first Harry Potter tattoo tomorrow (well today) ... If you're reading this send a thought that I don't cry like a baby :lol:
Everyone- have an excellent good morning or goodnight. *smiles & hugs*

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Re: Introduction

Postby Emily » 1 year ago

Hi sub! It's really nice to meet you! Unfortunately I don't think I can be of much help with navigating the site because I just got here too, but it's really nice meeting new people! Gosh, I couldn't handle getting a tattoo though. It sounds really painful, I'd probably start crying when someone even suggests it :cry:

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