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Is DDLG the same as Ageplayer ?

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Is DDLG the same as Ageplayer ?

Postby DaddysDingbat » 1 year ago

Is an ageplayer the same as a DD/lg Daddy dom and little girl thing? I was asked once if I was ageplaying and I was like no I'm a little and they were really confused. now that I think about it may I'm confused too because I guess they seem close. I dont act out a specific age though. I just like little stuff like pacifiers, stuffed animals, princess dresses, and painting my nails. Just little things but not from one specific age so I'm not an ageplayer then right?

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Re: Is DDLG the same as Ageplayer ?

Postby JuneStar » 1 year ago

There was a blog post once that said that ageplay and DDlg had absolutely nothing to do with each other. I don't know how it became so popular but, in my opinion, it is completely inaccurate.

The blog post says something to the affect that ageplay means you've chosen a specific age or specific age range that you are portraying during the activity or roleplay. It goes on to say that DDlg littles don't have a specific age or age range and, thus, are not ageplayers or ageplaying.

This is one of the dumbest things I've ever read.

DDlg consists of ageplayers. Not all ageplayers are into DDlg, MDlb, or are ABDL, of course. All DDlg, Mdlb, and ABDL littles or adult babies are ageplayers though.

There is no shame in it!

You don't need a specific age or age range to roleplay as an age you are biologically not. Acting like you are an age that you're not is ageplaying. There is nothing wrong with that. You're not sexualizing underaged people. You aren't hurting anyone by just roleplaying a different age.

Ageplayers often roleplay as various ages. Their ages may change suddenly or it may be a mixture of ages. Whatever it is, the point is that biologically they aren't the age they are portraying.

So, yes, DDLG is ageplaying and consists of ageplayers (the little, at least; however, the Daddy Dom could very well be ageplaying an older role as well).

Ageplayers are not always adult babies, littles, into DDlg, Mdlb, or other Caregiver/little dynamics. They could simply like roleplaying or acting our different ages that they aren't biologically. No shame in it. Maybe they don't want a Daddy, Mommy, or other Caregiver. Maybe they just want to ageplay when they're alone and play pretend. They don't have to be into any dynamic.

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Re: Is DDLG the same as Ageplayer ?

Postby pumpkinmuffinn » 1 year ago

Like, if you made a Venn Diagram of DD/LG and ageplaying, there would totally be tons of overlap; lots of us do it. But there are different definitions of "ageplaying." The more inclusive definition would say that anything involving playing with age or innocence in any kinda way (including naughty stuff) is ageplay. The other definition is "playing an age." Which some littles think isn't them at all--some like to make a difference between them, because they *feel* little, whereas some *act* little. And honestly, I personally think there's no reason for that difference to be made. If you want to be little, be little! However you want to do it. Some people think that their hardships (because they *feel* little and it might have caused some trouble in their lives) make it so other people who haven't had those same hardships shouldn't be able to call themselves their term. I'm a "feel-er" more than an "act-er" and I think the whole "making differences where there don't need to be any" thing is just silly. We're all littles, eh?

But you can do DDLG with or without ageplay, and you can do ageplay with or without DDLG. It's what you make it. By one definition, Daddy and I totally do DD/lg (I'm a little girl and he's my Daddy and he has the caregiver role and everything) but we *don't* ageplay (by one definition, but not the other) because I don't try to act little, I just *feel* little and let it out. I think what's important is what you prefer. Who cares what the terms specifically mean? Because everyone's going to give you a different answer if you ask them for their definition.

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