New daddy/middle here :)

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New daddy/middle here :)

Postby middlemouse » 9 months ago

Hello! I'm 19 and I'm super interested in all things DDLG and ABDL! At first I thought I was just a diaper lover but then I realized I really want to be a daddy one day and then I realized I sort of have little tendencies. I believe I'm more of a middle and I just like to feel cute and cuddly every now and then.

I'm slightly nerdy and my username has two meanings :P I like video games, mountain biking, reading a little bit, cooking, and I'm super interested in traveling but I'm a broke college student for now. I'm not really sure what else to say for intros but if anyone is interested about me please just ask :)

Also, I'm from Southern California but currently going to school out of state! woohoo!

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