Waves shyly from the distance... Um, hi! :)

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Waves shyly from the distance... Um, hi! :)

Postby princess-waterlilly » 9 months ago

Well hi!!
I'm sorry, I feel really awkward when I talk about myself so sorry if I seem rant-y! (I also like to pretend I'm funny, so excuse my horrid title pwease) ;P

I'm Lilly (or at least i go by Lilly on a lot of my online profiles) and I'm here to learn and make friends! I'm brand new here and still trying to figure it out :) I'm also brand new to the DD/lg dynamic and i am exploring lots! :)

Some real basic stuffs...
I'm 20 years old (my actual age) and my little age tends to be between 3-7, depending on the day. I'm a full time university student and I study psychology :)

I have a really really great Daddy (who I don't actively call "Daddy" when we're together, but I will refer to him as Daddy when I'm here. The relationship's complicated in that way, and maybe i'll elaborate on this in the future). We have been together for a year and a half. We're living together and engage in a DD/lg relationship on and off when at home. Currently, we're both working to figure out exactly what we both like in regards to cg/l and all that and we want to learn as much as possible! So that's why i'm here!
Idk, I don't wanna go all into detail about what I like and stuffs because I don't wanna be boring! But if anyone wants to talk more and be friends, I'd really really love to! Visit my profile if you wanna know more, I guess! :)

thanks! <3 <3 I hope everyone's having a great day!! :)
~Princess Waterlilly :D
~Princess Waterlilly :D

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