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Haiii! ^u^

Postby daddysdeadlildolly » 9 months ago

Hello! My name is Andi :roll: I am 18 almost 19. I live in Texas, but my daddy and I are moving to Florida in a few months. I have a loving daddy. I've been a little for quite a few months I think 8 or maybe 9 months. My favorite activities to do as a little are coloring, Playing with play doh (I LOVE to be creative! <3), My daddy and I have 2 puppies so I love to play with them! I also like going on trips with daddy like museums shopping and stuff! If I'm not doing adult boring stuff I will most likely be in little space! I basically signed up for this site because I want to make friends and to get more info on dd/lg because I am quite new to it and I feel like I can know a bit more! :D
daddy's mermaid princess ;)

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