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Little Friends and Pen Pals?

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Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby PrincessPetals » 1 year ago

Hi there! ^_^ I'm PrincessPetals, I'm a submissive little girl whose little age is 4/5. I am owned and collared by my Dada (he is very protective of me) who I have been with for 3 years now. As an adult I'm 19, 20 in October and I study English Literature at University, My Dada does Physics. I live in the UK with my Daddy (we just got a house together!!) That's just a bit about me anyway.

I am hoping to make some little friends (only little friends please), since I don't have any friends who I can discuss being little with and feel quite isolated in real life. I have tried on a different forum to make friends but as soon as I start talking to people they seem to lose interest and I don't know why since I thought I was being nice :/ I don't like when people stop talking to me with no reason, so please, if you do want to be my friend don't just go cold on me and expect me to be fine, its mean :( I would potentially like little friends who would maybe want to progress to being pen pals/gift exchange partners with me once we got to know each other better.

Some of my interests are drawing and colouring and it might be fun if we sent each other pictures we've done sometimes ^_^ I also like reading and watching films and it would be fun if you liked this too, so we could talk about them together :) I also like embroidery, knitting, making friendship bracelets and crochet, so if we became pen pals/gift exchange partners you could probably expect something handmade to arrive!!

Even though I live in the UK I don't mind if you are from a different country - we could send each other postcards hehe ^_^

If we do become friends I promise not to just abandon you either.

If you'd like to get to know me better, please send me a message/friend request on here and I'll reply :) I hope I get to know some of you better!!

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Re: Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby Emma904 » 1 year ago

Hi PrincessPetals,
I'm Emma!

A little bit about me...
I'm a 22 year old house wife from Washington State, USA.
I have a Daddy as well and we've been together for 5 years now.
Congratulations on the new house; how exciting!
I also enjoy coloring and drawing; although I'm not very good at either.
I also love reading. What do you like to read? I enjoy reading untraditional young adult books. I also love history, baking, dancing, and crafting. Movies are good too!
I think it's so cool you embroider and knit. I've always wanted to learn but for some reason I never have.

I am looking for littles to be friends too.
I understand not being able to discuss feeling or being little with others.
It can feel very isolating and at times a bit overwhelming.
I'm sorry other littles and friends have left you cold. I know that can be annoying and hurtful.
I would love to talk and see if we could be penpals/gift exchange friends.

I hope your day was wonderful.

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Re: Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby saraaa_meowww » 1 year ago

Hey PrincessPetals,

I'm Sara. How funny that our little age is the same c: I just turned 20.

I have a Daddy as well. He's going to be 21 in November.

Currently we both live with our parents but see each other 2 days a week due to work schedules. We are both in the US.

I like to watch movies when in Little Space like Disney c: I also like to color and play Animal Crossing.

I'm new to the community so I'm looking for friends :3

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Re: Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby babykitty » 1 year ago

hi princess petals!
my name is kitty. im really new here,like 5 minutes ago new. i'm a lonely little too. i love to color and im going to start going to school for english in the fall. we're like twinsies! you can message me and i promise ill respond as soon as i can. i hate it when people just stop talking, it hurts my feewings:(
any other littles who want to befriends can message me too. i want ALL THE FRIENDS!!!

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Re: Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby thelittleunicorn » 1 year ago

Hi, I'm Quinn, I'm a little from California (U.S) I'm 18 and would love to be friends with you. I don't have any little, or any at all, friends and really need some. I don't have a daddy so it is hard to get into little space sometimes, I would love to have friends who don't think I'm a freak. I love stuffies and to wear my unicorn onsie around my dorm room. I am studying Berkeley Cal. I want to help kids with mental health issues and get testing for depression in middle and highschools. I suffer from serious narcolepsy and I'm trying to make it aware of in mental health institutes. I
We're a freak show, but I like the carnival

Lil Sim
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Re: Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby Lil Sim » 1 year ago

Hiya PrincessPetals! im sim and i love to color! im looking for some little friends too. i live in California (US) im 29 and want to be your friend. i dont have any little friends and really want some. all you littles can be my friends yay!!!

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Re: Little Friends and Pen Pals?

Postby metricnotic » 1 year ago

Hi am from santa cruz and am looking for a little one to take care of

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