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Role: Little girl


Postby cutebabykatie » 1 year ago

* Removes pacifier from her mouth and waves shyly * Hello my name is Katie not really know what to say here other than I am a 30 something male that enjoys being a little girl between 2 - 6 years old. Even when my little side is above 3 years old she still likes her binkie, baba, diapers or her little girl potty. My little is scared of the big potty monster as all little girls should be, she likes to colouring, playing games and being silly, she does not like sandy beaches and sea dues to the sand getting everywhere and the stinging eyes when the sea splashes in her eyes.

If you want to know more please ask me, I am here to make friends only not looking for romance, mommies, daddies or caregiver thank you.

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