How do I know my inner littles age?

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How do I know my inner littles age?

Postby ThaliaLaMuneca1 » 1 year ago

Im not sure how old I want to be when age regressing. How did you know yours ?

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Re: How do I know my inner littles age?

Postby littleAshiee » 10 months ago

I just kind of guessed based on the things I like(Pacis, sippycups/bottles, diapers). It was kind of a feeling and also stemmed from like years of telling people I am literally 2 years old inside. It was kind of a feeling of how old I felt, but you don't have to put an age on it! I don't think there is one specific way to know how old you are as a little

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Re: How do I know my inner littles age?

Postby bluedinosaursocks » 10 months ago

In short, you don't really know, and it can be more difficult to naturally regress when you're constantly wondering about what age you might be.

At first, I had no idea. I've always enjoyed kids things, but I never really put a number on it. When I discovered that being little was a thing, I started to experiment. I wore some goodnites. Got a cheap pacifier. Got my old stuffed animals out. And went from there. I weeded out what I didn't like and stuck with the stuff that I did. I always make sure to revisit the things that I didn't care for, just in case my opinions have changed. Then, once I figured out what I liked, I put a number on it. I figured that kids usually use diapers until they're 2 or 3, so, I set that as my minimum age. I don't particularly enjoy being helpless or speechless, which is why 2 is my minimum age. Then I looked at all the other things that I like. Older kid toys like Lego, watching movies that aren't animated, eating "bigger" foods. And I put a cap on that, which, for me, is around 8 or so. Now, keep in mind that these aren't hard limits in any way. Sometimes, I like not being able to talk or walk, and so I feel 1. Some days though, I want to draw detailed pictures and play more advanced computer games, and I feel 10. It's very dependent on your mood.

Don't limit yourself, experiment, and have fun :)

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