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Punishment leaving me feeling unwanted

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Punishment leaving me feeling unwanted

Postby LittleMissSubmissive » 1 year ago

First, backstory:
So, I'm not the greatest at talking about my feelings. And two weeks ago I let some anger and depression build and build inside of me and yelled at my Daddy for something so so so sooooo stupid because of the emotion I let build up. My punishment for yelling and disrespect was an early bedtime for a week and lines. The lines weren't bad at all compared to the bedtime change. He made it so early that we haven't been able to Skype since Sunday of last week...


It's been terrible. At this point, and really since last he gave me my punishment, I've been so upset and felt so lonely that I've barely talked to my Daddy. I've tried so many times, but I always end up just looking blankly at my keyboard with a total loss for words. I've been staring at my ceiling since he told me to go to sleep trying to figure out what in the heck I should do. He thinks I'm angry but I'm not mad at all. I'm just very upset and feel unwanted. I don't want to lose him because he is the best Daddy I could ever ask for... What do I do? Help, please!! ):
Stay lovely. Stay Little. <3

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Re: Help :( ASAP

Postby GreenFairyx » 1 year ago

Hi.... (((Hugs)))

I'm so sorry you are feeling so sad...

Honestly I think you could start of by showing him your forum post.

Tell him that you were feeling so lost and helpless that you reached out to us to try and find a solution because you desperately want to make things right.

For me I think the important thing is for someone to see that you recognise your faults or problems in yourself and that you are trying your hardest to rectify them.
What matters is the willingness to improve yourself and your relationship..

I hope this helps xxx

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Re: Punishment leaving me feeling unwanted

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

I would just be honest with him, if he really is your daddy a pure "I'm sorry Daddy" with a short explanation should sort this all out. He also needs to know when something he has done as affected you enough to change the way you feel about your relationship. He might not know it had such an impact on you and thought it was appropriate for the punishment. I can see going to bed early but early enough that it takes away your skype time with him is not ok, you still need him even if your being punished. Things that always work for me is I need you and I'm sorry, he should see that you are being 100% sincere with him and you want to fix it.

I hope this helps pumpkin! **Hugs**

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