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New To This

Postby ChellieEllie » 1 year ago

Hi, guys. My name is Chelsea. I just recently found out about DD/lg relationships and found that a lot of what I've read has been very appealing to me. If there's anyone out there willing to teach me more about this sort of lifestyle, I would be super thankful.

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Re: New To This

Postby kittencunt » 1 year ago

I think your best bet about learning the scene is just to read around and participate on things like these forums and chatrooms. You'll meet a lot of people and you'll learn a lot of things about it. The scene varies so wildly from relationship to relationship though. There are no real rules or set mold to it, you know? Kind of just have to throw your feelings out and see what other people are doing to see how you fit into it all!

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