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Not being able to chat and see users profiles?  [Answered]

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Not being able to chat and see users profiles?  [Answered]

Postby SassyAsh » 1 year ago

I made an account about 4 hours ago and I'm not allowed to chat in the chat room or message people? It said that I have to post one approved post to the forum and I have about 2 hours ago. So my question is, what is the issue? Why can't I chat, reply, private message or do anything basically?

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Re: Not being able to chat and see users profiles?

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Hi, SassyAsh:

Welcome to our lovely community site here at Littlespace Online. I think you're really going to enjoy it here with us. I understand that you have 1 post accepted on the forum but still cannot yet read user profiles, send private messages, or use the public chat room. Please thoroughly read these articles and the links they connect to:
Also, there is a good reason that the site guide is the first thing you were directed to when you registered. Reading it helps a ton in figuring out what you can do here with us.

Thank you! :D

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