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How to use Littlespace Online?  [Answered]

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How to use Littlespace Online?  [Answered]

Postby fla08 » 1 year ago

Hello there, in new here and still dont understand how to use this, please kindly help me, thank you

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Re: How to use Littlespace Online?

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Hi, fla08:

Welcome to our lovely community site here at Littlespace Online. I think you're really going to enjoy it here with us. I understand that you are confused about the site (Which doesn't make sense to me because, well, you chose to sign up. What did you think the site was for when you were signing up? I'm pretty curious why people sign up for something they don't understand. I really like specifics so I can prevent these types of posts from occurring over and over again by rephrasing things on the site or providing more information prior to registration ;) ). Please thoroughly read these articles and the links they connect to:
Also, there is a good reason that the site guide is the first thing you were directed to when you registered. Reading it helps a ton in figuring out what you can do here with us.

Thank you! :D

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