oh haii n.n

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oh haii n.n

Postby silly_princess » 9 months ago

Helloooo :3 well i really dont know what to say so im going to be brutally honest!
I was molested as a child. I lost my innocence so young. It left me with some very different kinks. At first i got into master/slave and a bit of scat (im not a diaper wearer though and i dont like talking about my scat kink) but i needed not only to be dominated but also cared for. Then i met a guy who was a daddy and he called me princess and got me into it and i definitely am a little princess and sometimes my little side is very sensual but sometimes i just want to act, and to a point be, an innocent little girl. Irl im a mother but like sometimes i buy cute stuffies "for my son" but theyre actually for me :3 i love making things like friendship bracelets and stuff and sometimes im clumsy and do silly stuff and hurt myself :( oopsie. Hmmmmn i dunno what else to say hehe :3 im very needy when im in my little space. I dunno :3

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