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Personal Safety / Security Online

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Personal Safety / Security Online

Postby onlycurious » 1 year ago

DDlg can touch on a lot of really personal things and can leave a person vulnerable. Maybe there can be a sticky about specific ways we can protect ourselves online. I know there comes a point where we may want to identity personal details about ourselves to other people into ageplay and I think having more a tips section or guide to when that might be best would be really helpful to people using this site to meet other people. Can there be something typed up and sticky noted for us to keep in mind when communicating with others?

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Re: Personal Safety / Security Online

Postby admin » 1 year ago

This is a great suggestion. I thought about creating something before but wasn't sure how valuable it would prove to be because it comes down to personal judgement. I suppose a sticky thread on general internet safety and BDSM safety might be helpful though to those who want a general idea of ways they can protect themselves (and possibly their anonymity to some degree) online.

For example, I know that things like giving out your personal e-mail address to someone who kindly asks seems harmless enough. It does open us up to an extra vulnerability. A Google search of that e-mail address might link to social websites like Facebook and, before you know it, that person has all of your personal details--including your full name, general location, workplace, etc. While that alone may be harmless enough, the person could post on other websites with your personal details, chat logs of you detailing fantasies (as an example), or other things that you find incredibly personal of vulnerable about yourself.

We have taken some steps on the site to prevent the need to disclose personal details. For example, we include a live chat that allows private instant messaging. We also allow offline messages through the site that also sends the message to the user's personal e-mail address (which is encrypted so it isn't disclosed to the sender). All in all, there is no reason to take communication off of the site right away.

I have seen folks say things like this site runs slow or it crashes from time to time to encourage the other party to offer up their personal e-mail address more effortlessly. We've actually taken a number of steps to speed up the website and it should load entirely in less than 6 seconds during very busy times (less than 3 during non-busy periods). We test the site regularly through multiple resources to ensure it is loading in less than 6 seconds during the busy spells so you're not waiting forever to check things out.

We also keep the site fully updated with the latest updates and patches to security and software--if the site is crashing then you might need to update your browser. In short: it isn't us, it's you. If it's the chat box you're talking about "crashing" then please do know that after a short period of complete inactivity on the site that it automatically logs you out. One button will sign you back into the chat and it will pick up exactly where it left off in terms of messages.

Nonetheless, I see what you're saying and I can work toward drafting some things up. It's hard to touch on everything that probably should be stated so it may take awhile or may consist of a full thread of tips, tricks, and security measures. We'll see what happens when I start and we'll go from there, I suppose.

Thank you for the feedback. It's always appreciated. We love getting these suggestions because it gives us a reason to continue bettering our community.

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