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Hello I'm Ashley c:

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LittleAshley supporty
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Hello I'm Ashley c:

Postby LittleAshley supporty » 1 year ago


I'm Ashley, umm, I'm an AB c: my little age is Three c: ummm,

My favourite stuffy is named Tuggy, and he is a bear :D
My favourite Snack in little space is Yoghurt (yay)
My favourite Disney movie is Tangled :D and as a result my favorite character/princess is Rapunzel c:
I wear diapers, I recently decided to try and go full time, though I'm currently second guessing that A LOT...(though thats likely cause I just started hehe) my favourite brand is the only one I've used so far, which is iD Slip c:
I don't have a Daddy or Mummy ;-;
only one person (one of my housemates) knows i'm a little, ;-; we don't really talk about it hehe
I use my Dumdum(paci) all the time, I only has one though :(
I only occasionally suck my thumb hehe
I don't use a sippy cup but...I'd like to ;-; but I don't have a lot of moneys.....and stuff is expensives.....
I realised I was little a couple of years agos at 20 ;-;
my dumdum instantly makes me feel little, and I always use it, even when big ;-; but my biggest trigger, is being called sweetie or Princess c:
I'm both sensual AND nonsexual, I have a little DL in me, so sometimes it becomes sensual but not often...
I don't think I could be little 24/7 I do some things that I wanna always do, but were I little 24/7 I wouldn't be able to....even though I really really enjoy being little :(
I LOVE COLOURING :D I prefer felt tip pens hehe c:
my favourite colours are.....Blue, Pink/Purple ands black ;-;
my favourite nickname is Princess c: hehe
I don't have a favourite bedtime story cause I never got reads one.
I don't sleep with a nightlight and not with a stuffy, but thats only cause Tuggy is too old to sleeps with and I don' wanna hurt him D:
Rawr! I am a dinosnore! :D hehe

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