Genderfluid (caregiver) Switch stopping by to say hello!

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Genderfluid (caregiver) Switch stopping by to say hello!

Postby cuddleandstuffie » 9 months ago

hello! im an 18 year old genderfluid switch (who leans more towards the caregiver or big sibling side) who is looking to gain more experience and make some friends! As stated, i am genderfluid which means my identity drifts back and fourth from more masculine to more feminine and i personally use they/them pronouns! in Little space i tend to be more of a 'little boy' but in big space im pretty much directly in the middle of the spectrum! Ive been in the community for about a year now and it is where i belong for sure. I love to meet new people, so if youre looking for a friend then shoot me a message and we can chit-chat!

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