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Postby boogerbee » 1 year ago

Hi all! :D
So, I've always been interested in having a man to call my daddy, and after looking into it more, I've recently figured out that I REALLY want to have a dd/lg dynamic in my relationship.
However, my boyfriend has expressed complete disdain for ever being called "daddy", which makes me very sad. :? But I love him bunches and I don't wanna lose him just for that.
SO. My questions.
What kind of subtle things do you think I could do to try to slowly implement a dd/lg relationship without completely forcing my boyfriend into it?
How should I try to maybe talk my boyfriend into trying out the dd/lg dynamic?
Thanks for any advice! <3 <3


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Re: Wannabe

Postby IM_A_PRINCESS » 1 year ago

Mine doesn't want to be called Daddy either (I call him that in my head though :D) except one time I said it out loud and my heart stopped, but he knew it was an accident so I didn't get in trouble. We have other names that we use and we are slowly getting more into DD/LG as we have always kind of had this dynamic but didn't know it was a thing. He has always been very caring, rules, I am his princess. I started acting very affectionate towards him instead of hiding it, snuggling up to him, getting really excited for things like little presents or stuff like that. I was really discouraged the first couple weeks because I had tried to explain it to him and he was not having it (maybe I didn't explain well) but then i just decided that this was who I am and I am going to act how I want and be happy. If you can show them that it makes you happy then they will see how important it is. I would just start to slowly incorporate it into your relationship with little things, that worked for me. I hope this helps a little bit :)

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