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DDlg Rules Tips

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DDlg Rules Tips

Postby TheFace94 » 1 year ago

I'm trying to create a rule list any tips

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Re: DDlg Rules Tips

Postby The_Little_Kitten » 1 year ago

Hello! Since you're trying to create a rule list one thing you could do, if you want to help your little, is take their bad habits and make a rule about it. For example, if they curse too much, make it a rule that they cannot curse. Another tip would be do not make rules that will make your little uncomfortable. If they are not comfortable with sending photos of them self in the bare do not create a rule that says they have to. One more tip I would advice is do not make their rules something you know they cannot accomplish. It's okay to push them in a growing manner, but not if they aren't capable of doing something. I hope this helped a little bit! ^-^

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